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  • Sydenham Hill 20mph

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    We are proposing to make changes to Sydenham Hill to reduce vehicle speed and improve safety for users by providing better facilities for walking, cycling and accessing public transport. Speed surveys have told us that the average speed of vehicles on Sydenham Hill is 25.4mph which is above the speed limit. 

    Our proposals for Sydenham Hill are focussed on reducing vehicle speed in-line with Southwark’s 20 mph review. We are proposing traffic calming measures including raised tables and carriageway narrowing. These measures will also have additional benefits including:

    • Improved pedestrian crossings
    • Footway widening
    • A segregated cycle lane

    Our proposals have been designed using national
    design standards and best practice but to ensure the scheme is
    optimised for the user, we need to hear from you.

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